Installation and maintenance of the Blender addon


The addon is installed just like any regular Blender addon:

  1. download the free addon from the website. You will get a zip file, do not unzip it!

  2. go to Blender’s user preferences. It’s in the file menu, or shortcut CTRL + ALT + U on Windows

  3. open the Addons tab

  4. click Install add-on from file at the bottom

  5. navigate to the downloaded zip file and select it

  6. the addon is then installed

  7. check the box next to its name to enable it

  8. set and create the data folder now or later if you want

  9. a new panel has been created in the world settings. SceneSkies is ready to be used

  10. if you already have the data folder created and samples added, click List installed collections


If Blender complains it cannot install the addon, most likely you are using an incorrect version of Blender (see the index of this documentation for the needed Blender version). Another common problem is a corrupt downloaded file, you can use an archive manager program such as 7zip to check if it is complete, or re-download the file with a download manager that can use the provided checksum next to the download link.

Addon’s settings

Data folder: the main and most important setting is to set the location on your hard drive where you’ll store your HDRIs. It can be anywhere, but I recommend among your user files, such as in My Documents in Windows. Set the path, and click on the button to create the folder. You also have the option to add a few sample HDRIs to get started.

Auto delete old SceneSkies world datablocks: another option is to automatically delete (or not) previous SceneSkies’ world datablocks each time you select a new panorama. It is highly recommended to leave it on (the default value), or you’ll have plenty of unsused world materials and images in your blend file. Plus you risk to run out of RAM quickly. Disable it for example in case you often make manual changes to the world materials SceneSkies creates, and you wish to keep them. If you make manual changes rarely, it is simpler to let this option on, then change the world material name to something starting with anything other than SceneSkies. This will prevent the material from being automatically deleted on the next panorama selection.


If you are updating from a previous version of SceneSkies, you should either uninstall the old version first, before installing the new one. Otherwise internal conflicts will arise within Blender. The second option is to enable the “Overwrite” checkbox (enabled by default), when you navigate to the addon zip file in Blender’s file explorer. In either case, you may need to restart Blender if you experience problems once the new version is installed, to make sure nothing from the old version remains in memory.


If later you wish to uninstall the addon from Blender, simply use the Remove button. This action cannot be undone so be sure before clicking.

When you uninstall the addon, only the addon is removed, not the skies in the data folder.