General city options

Before you generate a city, you should set these parameters first. Go to the Scene settings, in the SceneCity panel, at the top you have several parameters that control the city as a whole.


Use terrain

This option appears if you generated a terrain before with SceneTerrain.

When enabled, the city will be restricted to flat emerged land only. Also the scale and size of the city will be set automatically to fit the terrain.

City scale

This is the default scale applied to the cities when they’re generated. A value of 1 means no scaling is applied, therefore 1 Blender unit equals 1 meter. But that would make your scene too large, a city is often several hundred meters wide on each side. So by default the scale is 0.01, to make 1 Blender unit equals 100 meters.

To see the values in meters when you move your objects in the scene, turn on Blender’s metric unit system, and set the scale to the inverse of the city scale, so 100 if the city scale is 0.01.

This parameter is automatically set to the scale of the terrain if you use one.

City size

This sets the land area the city will be built onto. A city may not use the full area, depending on the type of road network: grid networks always use all the area, not necessarily with organic networks, and using terrains will restrict further where the city can be built. But a city will never grow outside of its allowed area.

Internally SceneCity builds the city on a square grid, and each cell of this grid has an area of 10m². With this parameter you control how many cells this grid has on each side. The total number of cells, and therefore the total area of the city increase at the square of this value, so increase it carefully, or the city could take very long to generate, and it may crash Blender in extreme cases.

If you use a terrain this parameter is ignored, the surface of the terrain will be used instead.

Random seed

If the seed is zero, you will have a different city each time you generate one. Any other value corresponds to a given city, you’ll have the same city each time for the same seed, if the other parameters stay the same.

It can be useful to have the same city each time if you find a seed that gives you a result you like. It’s also useful to see the effects of changing a generation parameter on the same city.